The origin

Dominican Quarter – genesis of the project redevelopment

What has the Kamien Pomorski quarter of streets been for the people so far?

Nothing special – built-up area, destroyed houses from the early nineteenth century with the local marketplace and the bar called ‚U Reni’. Not very well kept corner of the city and not too safe as well.

No one even dreamed that the same Quarter could become an architectural jewel of Western Pomerania and the vibrant new center – formerly ducal city.

In time (with time), the idea of revitalizing this part of town won more and more supporters until a project designated for execution was entered in the ‚Local Revitalization for Urban areas of Kamien Pomorski for 2007-2013 Programme’.

‚The aim of the project is the reconstruction of the historical buildings of the city as a touristic product. The project will increase the tourist attractiveness of Kamien Pomorski and improve its image not only among locals but also among tourists. The project ‚will revive’ Town and will increase social inclusion at (on) the local level. The project will also increase the spatial and social cohesion and the quality of life by the skillful use of the potential of tourist and cultural of both – city and the region (of the tourist and cultural potential of both – the city and the region.) ‚written in support of investment choice.

This task was entrusted to Kamieńskie Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego. The KTBS’s project entitled – ‚Revitalization of the houses of the nineteenth century and the restoration of historical buildings of Kamien Pomorski by creating a quarter of retail and service in the quarter of Żwirki and Wigury – Żeromski – Obrońców Warszawy – Okrzei streets’ gained funds from JESSICA initiative. The project is planned to be finished in the first half of 2015.