• STEP 1


  • The first agreement concluded with Kamieński TBS Ltd., lies in the booking the place until the signing of the preliminary agreement is done. If a purchase  of the real estate is credited by the purchaser, the (buyer) customer receives the documents  of Kamieński TBS Ltd. (such as NCR, building permit, land register, etc.) to present at their own bank.

  • STEP 2.


  • This agreement commits the seller and buyer to enter into the future final agreement. The agreement is to transfer ownership on the specified date in the form of a notarial deed in the notary’s office (the customer shall bear the cost of preparation of the act). After the conclusion of this agreement, you are able to make changes to the premises. However they must be accepted by both parties, and the construction manager.

  • STEP 3.


  • This is the last contract that the customer signs with TBS Kamieński Ltd. that moves the ownership of the premises to the buyer and is signed in a notary’s office. After signing,  the buyer has the right to the property and participation in the ground. The agreement shall provide a request to the competent court for the separation of the Land Register for the dwelling.

  • STEP 4.


  • After signing the notary’s deed of purchased apartment the amount of the purchase must be paid (the deadline will be included in the notary’s deed).

  • STEP 5.


  • After the total sales price has been paid, the seller establishes the exact date for receiving the premises. On the appointed date a report is taken and the customer receives the keys to the premises. If the apartment has any faults indicated by the buyer, the date of their removal must be entered in the record.