About the Dominican Quarter

Dominican Quarter, a new complex of houses is being built to present some reconstructed historical buildings of Kamien Pomorski. Individual objects (facilities albo buildings) which are being renovated by Kamienskie Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego (Social Housing Association) Ltd., enchant with their XIX-century’s aesthetics and (provide the residents of the Quarter with energy-efficient technology) guarantee the residents of the Quarter energy-efficient technology and comfort of the XXI-century.
The project established by KTBS entitled Revitalization of the houses of the nineteenth century and the restoration of historical buildings in Kamien Pomorski by creating a quarter of retail and service in the quarter of Żwirki i Wigury – Żeromski – Obrońców Warszawy – Okrzei streets’ is funded by JESSICA project in the amount of 4,870,875,56 (zl) PLN. The total cost of the project amounts is 9,838,165,14 (zl) PLN (excl. TAX). Other sources of financing include revolving loan granted by BOŚ SA amounting to 2,437,422,88 PLN (on financing receivables in respect of VAT) and own funds of KTBS Ltd.

The whole is going to have 352 sq. The complex includes nine premises, the Modern Museum of the history of the region and 36 apartments on two floors. New buildings will be accompanied by 58 parking spaces in the parking ground.

After months of preparation, intensive construction work began in February 2014. The contractor – Department of Services Repair & Construction – Stanislaw Jankowski from Kamien Pomorski will complete work in the spring of 2015.

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